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Nightmare Trying To Be Cute by miayan
Nightmare Trying To Be Cute
This is Nightmare. Nightmare is 16 inches from head to tail and 6 inches tall at the shoulder. He has a wire skeleton surrounded by soft polyester stuffing and thick, soft fur. His head and feet are made of hard clay and painted. His head and the tips of his leaves are painted in neon paints, which glow under a black light. His feet are shaped like hooves.

Nightmare may look creepy but he's a gentle soul who likes cuddles and hiding. He also seems to enjoy socks, but only one from each pair. Give him a dark spot and he'll quite happily watch you for hours.

He is posable but care should always be taken with him. Not intended for children. Available on etsy now.…
Inna pen sketch by miayan
Inna pen sketch
A rough sketch of Inna, done entirely in various colors of ballpoint pen.
The colorings on her fur and feathers are based on a magpies wings and tail and only really show when Inna is in a well lit area.
An image of her flying
How is everyone? I apologize for not being very active on here for so long. I didn't realize that I hadn't posted anything since October O.o. I have made quite a few things since then and started on loads of drawings, but I've lost a lot of faith in myself and my abilities. My social anxiety seems to be spreading onto the online world so posting and even commenting on journals and art is difficult at the moment.

I feel bad for not updating sooner. The charity auctions I held in October raised £20 for neimann-pick :3.

On an entirely different note I have appointments for so much stuff at the moment, none of which I want to do. Doctors, hospital, school, council, ugh, its all so official and stressful. Sometimes I feel like I'm fighting a downwards battle out there in the real world, trying to get people to understand my sons needs and my own. On a positive note the doctors are finally listening (only took 10 years) to the fact that my sleeping between 12 and 16 hours a day is not right. (That started when I was a kid, but I first started talking to doctors about it when I was a teenager). Also my doctor thinks I might have aspergers, which to be totally honest, would explain a few things lol. Not the sleeping though, I need more tests for that.

So whats going on in all of your lives? Did you guys enjoy your Christmas and new year?


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
I'm a 27 year old girl from Somerset, UK.
I love a lot of things and sometimes its hard to say which animals I prefer. But my top favorite (real) animal has to be an Orca. I really love birds too, especially raptors, as such I prefer gryphons (or griffins if you prefer, both are correct) to dragons.
I love to make things, even if they don't turn out quite how I planned them to.
In RL i am a loner and a bit of a recluse. I prefer to be by myself than surrounded by people. I also prefer it to be outside lost in the woods or trekking across fields with the dogs than being around people.
I am a highly anxious person who laughs a lot and stares at the clouds or distant landscapes for inspiration. I watch a lot of YouTube videos and I'm a huge fan of Markiplier, I am also a fan of manga and anime. Though usually its ones others haven't heard of or have a smaller fan base. I don't always like what is considered 'mainstream' like Pokemon, Naruto, My little pony and the like, although I can understand others love for these shows as I'm the same with mine ^^
I don't like judging people about anything, and I'll always try to support any of you if you need it. However, I suffer from mental illness and (although I am getting help and I'm on medication for it) I can often become quiet online. But 90% of the time I'm lurking and stalking you all muhahahaha!! ahem... anyway...
I have few enemies in RL, but I also have few friends. If I call you a friend, then I really do care about you, I just have... odd ways of showing it sometimes.
I love my family more than anything, RL sisters are :iconcandyguts: and :iconinjectvibrancy:
Online i find it easier to talk to people and love looking at all of your art here.

If i don't reply to you, please don't think I'm ignoring you, I'm either busy or unsure of what to say, more often I'm just unsure.

Also sorry if i thank you for faving any of my pictures more than once or not at all, I tend to get confused about where I've been on here. XD… Facebook here

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