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So as I mentioned in my last journal, my nan is trying to move.
Basically she has owned her house for over forty years but du to her disabilities and all the bills she is unable to keep it. She came to the decision to sell the house so that she would have the money to move into a bungalow. Her house is a good size, all mod-cons and well maintained and she very quickly had some offers. The first was terrible. He wanted to buy the house for less than it was worth and rent it back to her (leaving her with no money spare for when she did move.) The second was a lot better. They were excited about having the house and patiently waited for six months for nan to move out. However, the housing association around here are only interested in giving up a bungalow if they get a house out of it. The buyers have now backed out of the deal (we can't blame them, they did wait six months). The problem is now that if a bungalow does become available nan will have to pay the bills and rent for it, as well as the bills for a 3 bedroom end terraced house (which is double the energy bills of a bungalow). She also won't get the full price of the house due to a loan she took out against it a while ago that she is still paying off. She's also worried because it means she will have viewings again, and no one likes strangers inspecting your home. Sadly it seems there isnt much I can do to relieve this burden on her. I've already said if I had the money or won the lottery I would make the changes to the house she needs to keep living there.
It may seem strange but nans house is more like our family home than any other house I, or my parents, have lived in. My other nan moves around a lot and I've moved a few times too. My nans house has always been there. It was where my grandad died, and where we have so many fantastic memories. My sister and I used to stop there everyday after school for tea, or just for a chat. She lived there too for a while, as did my cousin. My house backs onto hers and its amazing to know she's right there if and when I need her. <3 my nan.

In other news, my nan thinks I may have partially collapsed my lung. It was as painful as it sounds. Just past 4am this morning I woke up laying on my back unable to breathe or talk, except in short shuddering breaths. my left shoulder area felt like it had been stabbed. There was so much pain. i can honestly say I've not felt pain like it since I was in labor with my son. About 5am I heard the seagulls waking up (they always call at the same time, or else I would have had no clue what time it was) then I saw light coming in through my windows. I couldn't move at all. When the sun rose I called my son, who had just woken up, and asked him to pass me some pain cream and my phone. the cream didn't help, and I couldn't sit up to swallow any pills. He was very calm and sat with me. After a while I coughed, one of those really deep coughs. And no, I don't have a cold or anything. I've been well. The pain immediately disappeared I was so tired I fell back to sleep, but under my ribs on my left side it has felt strange all day, almost like I could feel something moving there. :/. It doesn't hurt all that much any more and its now the middle of the night (and a Saturday tomorrow) so calling the doctor has to wait until Tuesday (Monday is a bank holiday). if it happens again, I'll have to go to A&E.
SUCH FUN. Oh well.


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United Kingdom
I'm a 27 year old girl from Somerset, UK.
I love a lot of things and sometimes its hard to say which animals I prefer. But my top favorite (real) animal has to be an Orca. I really love birds too, especially raptors, as such I prefer gryphons (or griffins if you prefer, both are correct) to dragons.
I love to make things, even if they don't turn out quite how I planned them to.
In RL i am a loner and a bit of a recluse. I prefer to be by myself than surrounded by people. I also prefer it to be outside lost in the woods or trekking across fields with the dogs than being around people.
I am a highly anxious person who laughs a lot and stares at the clouds or distant landscapes for inspiration. I watch a lot of YouTube videos and I'm a huge fan of Markiplier, I am also a fan of manga and anime. Though usually its ones others haven't heard of or have a smaller fan base. I don't always like what is considered 'mainstream' like Pokemon, Naruto, My little pony and the like, although I can understand others love for these shows as I'm the same with mine ^^
I don't like judging people about anything, and I'll always try to support any of you if you need it. However, I suffer from mental illness and (although I am getting help and I'm on medication for it) I can often become quiet online. But 90% of the time I'm lurking and stalking you all muhahahaha!! ahem... anyway...
I have few enemies in RL, but I also have few friends. If I call you a friend, then I really do care about you, I just have... odd ways of showing it sometimes.
I love my family more than anything, RL sisters are :iconcandyguts: and :iconinjectvibrancy:
Online i find it easier to talk to people and love looking at all of your art here.

If i don't reply to you, please don't think I'm ignoring you, I'm either busy or unsure of what to say, more often I'm just unsure.

Also sorry if i thank you for faving any of my pictures more than once or not at all, I tend to get confused about where I've been on here. XD… Facebook here

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